5 days ago
What project management tools you are using?

Hi Guys!

What project management tool you are using to manage your projects small/medium/large projects.

Are you using scrum or scrumban?

Share your setup here.


If you can't code, where can I find a co-founder...

Hi friends, I am a design enthusiast and have many different ideas for creating a product. Where can I find a co-founder who can code all this?

Give away Pro membership to collect your product feedback for...

Hi makers, I have noticed many of you are looking for product feedback. I made Feedback widget for makers like us and happy to help you all to collect feedback...

Feedback needed for

Wondering if anyone is available for a round of feedback for I am really looking forward to develop this app into the simplest task manager and I really need...

Testers and Feedback for Happydia

Do you find your social media feeds are overcrowded with depressing stories, politics and negativity?

A new study concludes that there is in fact a causal link between the use...

Testers and Feedback for LogChimp

We're close to releasing a beta version of LogChimp ๐Ÿฅ‚, and before that, we're trying to squash as many bugs as possible and it can't be done without your help....

Interclip mobile BETA, I want feedback!

I just released Interclip mobile BETA 0.0.2. It is available for download on Android via this direct .apk link.

If you want to check out the source code, it's available...

Recommendations for Taskord!

Based on the unanimously positive feedback we are really happy, We'd love to know what are/is some features you wish were there in Taskord! Comments are open! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Suggestions for tasks

How about displaying my completed tasks under -> tasks -> under completed?

Media attachment in question

Looks like i can not attach an image to a question, is that possible?