haha nice it's the best commit message style! i use the emoji mostly as verbs..

Commit messages

Prefixed emoji signify the current state of the project within that commit as a verb

ie. :hammer: shop listings

  • wip = :hammer:
  • built = :heavy_check_mark:
  • fix = :bug:
  • done = :100:
  • add = :heavy_plus_sign:
  • remove = :scissors:
  • change = :nut_and_bolt:
  • refactor = :pencil:
  • chore = :wrench:
  • documentation = :book:
  • styles = :art:
  • cleanup = :broom:
7 months ago

Woah great thanks for sharing!

7 months ago

No prob @yo !! when are you going to stream some taskord dev on livehacks 🤙

7 months ago

Soon @camwhite, I'm not very good at streaming, but I'll learn from livehacks! Can I stream from Twitch Studio to both Twitch and Livehacks? Is that possible?

7 months ago

not possible, but you can easily stream to LH and twitch without using much resource

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