App naming suggestions

Hello again people,

I'm posting now, asking for a favor. Since I decided to rename WooDoo into anything else, maybe I can get your input on this. I would like to find a new name, related to "tasks" - but not entirely necesarly. A name that should not sound very very serious, like " Jira " or " Assana" - but neither too soft as " Trello " .

If you have any suggestions for a starting point, please answer here. Keep in mind that we are speaking about a Task Manager or Task Software anyways, that aims to keep things simple, but also offer the confort and power of any other task management tool.

(Funny names are more than welcomed)

In reward, I will grant the largest premium package to the person that inspires me for the new name - FOR LIFE.

In reward to all other contributors, I will reward you with the same, for a long period of time ( 1 YEAR).

Thank you very much.

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