1 month ago
What project management tools you are using?

Hi Guys!

What project management tool you are using to manage your projects small/medium/large projects.

Are you using scrum or scrumban?

Share your setup here.


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Hello @jovvy_bersamin ,
I am currently using my own tool, called You can give it a visit at - I think it is the simplest, or at least I'm trying to make it the simplest tool for task and project management.

What's the deal with WooDoo?
I created it from frustration. I hated Jira so much and each time I wanted to update my tasks it worked so slow and got lost in a lot of features. Trello is nice, but I think it is getting a bit more complex, unreasonable complex, since it was bought by Atlassian (company that has Jira) - and they implement a lot too much stuff.
So I decided to reinvent the wheel, but with simplicity in mind.
I made an MVP , called WooDoo and released the first version.

It is work in progress for Premium right now and if you are willing to try woodoo and keep your tasks there, just email me at hi [at] - and tell me that you registered. I will put you up for a premium account, once it is released (15 th of december) .
If you like WooDoo and especially if you like woodoo premium, you will keep your premium account for free, for life.

This is also available for anyone who sees this message. Two things you have to do:
1. use woodoo free - and drop in some feedback
2. email me and say that you are up for a premium account.

This deal is available only until 15th of december.

Cya there!
1 month ago
@mohouyizme @yo @max guys, it would be great if you will send a sample screenshot of your tasks using your project management tools, I or the others might get a technique of how you guys handle your projects.