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WooDoo - Focus on your work
Task Management made simple using Woo Doo. With a very simple interface and oriented towards not distracting you, Woo Doo might be what you need if you were on the search for a task management tool.
Launched at October 2020 https://woodoo.app

I finally decided on what to do for the premium version. So here it is:

  • Ability to create more than 3 workspaces
  • Add more than 3 persons to a workspace
  • Ability to have more than 100 tasks in a workspace
  • Update "Worked time" - on a task, to see how much time you actually worked at a task and compare it to your estimation
  • Sidenotes - which is shareable between members of a project
  • Daily Work - In which you can select a group of tasks for the day
  • Daily Standup - where your team can see what everyone is up to and engage in conversation only with relevant people for that day.

Just launched the MVP and waiting to gather some feedback.