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๐Ÿš€ The next generation open source filtering service
Created at November 2020

In order to make the service even more quicker and reduce the responce time. I plan to use the service as a lambda function. So how will the project be structured ?


The filtering part will be divided into golang packages and they will be published within the repository as all golang packages.


The website for the cloud-hosted version of filtrify (with the authentication, the home page that explains how it works and the dashboard) will be deploy on an AWS EC2 instance.

Filtering as a Service

When the client will reach the API to filter its text, it will trigger the AWS lambda function that uses the published packages to filter the text and return its response.

The project was done two years ago when I was 15 and in fact the technologies have evolved a lot since. Moreover the first problem of Filtrify was its slowness. With a big text with all the features activated it could take up to 15 seconds to analyze it. The main cause of this problem was the fact that I was using not enough powerful technologies (an heavy framework coupled with some old school and dark code and sometimes libraries without asynchronous methods).

Therefore I decided to refactor all of this project using Golang (for its performance and because I now know to do a lot of things with it) instead of NodeJS. As it is an Open Source project all the code will be available of course. I hope to be there in a few weeks to talk again about this project. Meanwhile you can take a look at the pending tasks and maybe help me to achieve one.